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ColossusXT is a community driven coin and the team consists of highly engaged volunteers. Fundings for marketings activities and technical development help the project to reach our roadmap goals and beyond.
Below you will find the official donation addresses of ColossusXT, anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

Do you want to be listed here as a supporter? Please write us a short email to [email protected] with your payment address / amount of funding, name and reason why you like our project and it will be shown on this page.



Marketing / Business Development Fund

Payment information
URI: colx:DNLC27o4yX9bH3pNFZ6NSukS6eGZTaQ1Wb?label=Marketing%20Donations
Address: DNLC27o4yX9bH3pNFZ6NSukS6eGZTaQ1Wb
Label: Marketing Donations

QR-Code:Marketing / business fund QR Code

Software Development Fund

Payment information
URI: colx:DAbHsptawrVEgXy4USDzpUjugVYVQCENe1?label=Development%20Donations
Address: DAbHsptawrVEgXy4USDzpUjugVYVQCENe1
Label: Development Donations

QR-Code:ColossusXT Development fund QR Code

Exchanges Listing Fund

Payment information
URI: colx:DCLQzkaAe14YQaFzERk135hK8gKmjxDv5S?label=Exchanges%20Donations
Address: DCLQzkaAe14YQaFzERk135hK8gKmjxDv5S
Label: Exchanges Donations

QR-Code:ColossusXT Movie productions / graphics fund QR Code