Colossusˣᵗ coin wallet

Mandatory Update
Official Colossusˣᵗ Coin wallet. You can download it from sources at links below:
COLX Core v1.1.0 is a mandatory update for all users.
Zerocoin protocol is active since block 500’000.
Ensure your wallets are up to date, or you will no longer be connecting to the correct network.

Non-Mandatory Update
COLX Core v1.1.1 is a non-mandatory update to address bugs and introduce minor enhancements that do not require a network change.

This new minor version release includes various bug fixes and improvements.

Choose by operating system:


Final v1.1.1

Alternative versions:

ColossusXT Win32 v1.1.1

Gihub Repository:

Github Releases

Web Wallet:

Web Wallet

Faster Wallet Sync Using Bootstrap

Get bootstrap files (428 MB)
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Always make secure encrypted copies of  wallet.dat file

This provides protection from wallet-stealing, viruses and trojans as well as a sanity check before sending payments.

Don’t send anyone your wallet.dat file

Since the transactions are irreversible, make sure that you are sending your coin to the correct address before sending them.

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