Roadmap For Year 2018/ 2019

Roadmap of ColossusXT development for year 2018/2019 including long term plans and vision.

ColossusXT Roadmap 2018

  • Q1
  • Cryptopia Listing
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Marketing Campaign Start of marketing activities, creation of a high quality promotional video and establishment of a Bitcointalk signature bounty campaign
  • Instructional Videos Create educational materials on how to use COLX
  • Website Updates Add whitepaper, roadmap, team profiles and additional languages to the official ColossusXT website
  • Team Account on Github
  • Q2
  • Atomic Swaps Cross-chain trading without the need to trust a third-party
  • Initiate the Proposal and Governance System Self funding blockchain advancement
  • Android Lite Mobile Wallet / Get Listed on Google Play
  • Web Wallet
  • Community Wiki & Faq To be added to the official ColossusXT website
  • Q3
  • ZeroCoin Protocol Implementation For more secure end-to-end transaction anonymity
  • Enhanced Security and Anonymity Start work on custom I2P privacy network layer
  • QT Wallet Interface Redesign
  • Q4
  • IOS Lite Mobile Wallet
  • Implementation of Shared Masternode Technology In wallet sharing of masternode resources to stop the reliance on third party providers
  • ColossusXT Grid Project Increased focus on Colossus Grid: An ambitious project that aims to reward individuals for voluntary grid and scientific contributions (Grid Computing)
  • 2019+
  • ColossusXT Grid Project Release of Colossus Grid Alpha
  • Decentralized Anonymous In-wallet trading You will be able to trade COLX DEX directly inside the ColossusXT-Wallet
  • Updated ColossusXT Wallet Allows the purchase of COLX directly into the wallet.
  • Coinomi and ShapeShift Wallet Integration
  • Hardware Wallet Support
  • Support for ColossusXT on Debit Card

“The community will take the lead and will define new features and the direction of COLX.”