2019 - Q1

Wallet update

Dark/Light theme switcher

GUI Masternode Setup

A new easy-to-use Masternode setup GUI

Armis Beta

Beta Testing & Release of custom I2P privacy network layer for enhanced privacy

Cold-Storage/Hardware Wallet Card Partnership

Start PRE-sale Cold-Storage/Hardware Wallet Card Partnership

Colossus Grid

Increased focus on Colossus Grid

2019 - Q2

Armis Video

Creation of a high quality promotional video for Armis

Business Registration

Colossus Grid

Release of Business Plan & Benefits for Shareholders

Whitepaper V2

Include Armis + Grid Business Plan & Benefits for Shareholders


Optimized block chain size and speed for higher efficiency

Updated ColossusXT Wallet

Allows the purchase of COLX directly into the wallet

2019 - Q3/Q4

Business-payment system

Implementation of a turnkey payment system to allow business owners utilize invoices via colx payments

Colossus Grid

Release of Colossus Grid Alpha (Data Storage)

Colossus Grid

Resource marketplace

Colossus Grid

Release of Colossus Grid Alpha (Computing)

2019+ Goals

Main goals without a given date

Shared Masternode Technology

In wallet sharing of masternode resources to stop the reliance on third party

zPOS Technology

ZeroCoin implementation within the Proof-Of-Stake method

2018 - Q1

Cryptopia Listing

Get listed on Cryptopia

Whitepaper release

Release the ColossusxT whitepaper

Marketing Campaign

Start of marketing activities, creation of a high quality promotional video and establishment of a Bitcointalk signature bounty campaign

Instructional videos

Create educational materials on how to use ColossusXT

Website updates

Add Whitepaper, Roadmap, Team Profiles and additional languages to the official ColossusXT website

Team account on Github

Create a team account on Github

2018 - Q2

Atomic Swaps

Cross-chain trading without the need to trust a third-party

Initiate the proposal and governance system

Self funding blockchain advancement

Development + Release: Android Lite Mobile Wallet

ColossusXT Android Mobile Wallet on Google Play

Development + Release: Web Wallet

Decentralised ColossusXT Web Wallet

Community Wiki & FAQ

To be added to the official ColossusXT website

2018 - Q3

Zerocoin Protocol & Implementation

For more secure end-to-end transaction anonymity

Enhanced Security and Anonymity

Start work on custom COLX I2P privacy network layer, Codename: ARMIS

2018 - Q4

QT Wallet Interface Redesign

Add/Restyle the Desktop QT Wallet interface

QT Wallet/In-Wallet Bootstrap Functionality

The option to bootstrap the wallet from official ColossusXT sources

QT Wallet/In-Wallet Governance Functionality

A decentralised management system based on the masternode voting mechanism

QT Wallet/In-Wallet Auto-Download Functionality

The option to auto-update the COLX wallet to the newest version

Support for ColossusXT on Debit Card (PolisPay)

PolisPay offers a crypto debit card to convert to cash, which you can withdraw privately from ATMs and spend anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted

ColossusXT Grid Project: ARMIS

Increased focus on Colossus Grid: An ambitious project that aims to reward individuals for voluntary grid and scientific contributions (Grid Computing)

  • Custom code creation & test within I2PD network
  • Implementation to Colx Code + Integration to Colx network
  • Closed (Alpha) Testing on the COLX Network