How to stake COLX in 3 steps

For experiencing staking you need to run Colossusˣᵗ Coin wallet. You can download it from official sources at links below.

Download Wallet

PoS Rewards Breakdown

Block Reward: Split dynamically via the Seesaw Reward Balance System between masternodes and staking nodes

Blocks 10,81 – 151,200: 2500 COLX per Block
Blocks 151,201 – 302,399: 1250 COLX p.B.
Blocks 302,400 – 388,000: 1000 COLX p.B.
Blocks 388,000 – Infinite: 1500 COLX p.B.
Proof of Stake Schedule: 
80% distributed to stake wallet and masternodes (1200 COLX p.B.)
10% to masternode proposals (150 COLX p.B.)
Masternode owners have to actively create proposals which help the development and guide the development of Colossusˣᵗ.
10% to development fund (150 COLX p.B.)
Supports funding the development of the Colossusˣᵗ project toward our roadmap goals and to cover maintenance costs.

Step 1

Encrypt your wallet

1. Go to SETTINGS > ENCRYPT WALLET. If your wallet is not encrypted you will be prompted to enter a password. This password is vital to accessing your wallet so DO NOT LOSE IT.

2. Restart your wallet.

Step 2

Edit Your Config

1. Click tools and then Open Configuration File. If asked, open with your favorite text editor.

2. Insert the following command in the configuration file: “staking=1

3. Once this is complete save the file and restart your wallet.

Step 3

Unlock Your Wallet


2. This will present you with a prompt. Enter your password from Step 1. Make sure you check the box labelled “For anonymization and staking only”.

Step 4


1. Now that you all set up for staking all you have to do is wait (8 hours) to get staking rewards. 

2. Once you see the arrow in the bottom corner of your wallet turn green you will be staking!

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