The Team Of ColossusCoinXT

ColossusXT is a community-driven, privacy-based cryptocurrency project. Privacy is a core value at COLX. While many team members have chosen to list their profile here, others have opted to contribute anonymously.


Chief Marketing Officer

MSc. Technology Management, BSc. Electrical Engineer. 18 years experience on Sales & Marketing, specialized in B2B. Worked as a Marketing Manager, Product Manager and similar commercial roles in a multinational company. Joined Colossus Team in 2017 by contributing for the long staking guide and established many partnerships since then with cross promotion mentality.
Marketing / Business Development / Business Strategy / Community Support


Chief Operating Officer

Joined COLX Team in 2017 with a background in Community Management.
Community Moderation / Community Development / Support / Legal

Dmitry (cryptowner)

Chief Executive Officer

He is implementing IT projects since 2013.
Experience in governing the direction of process optimization for stable operation of highly loaded web applications.

I joined the crypto industry in 2017 and started to work in COLX team since CV2 project.

ColossusXT Cryptocurrency | Privacy Coin | Instant Transactions | Grid Computing


Chief Human Resources Officer

Joined CV2 in June 2017. Background is university of physical culture and MBA in finance.
IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer, Security Professional and System Administrator. Husband and Father. Crypto and martial arts enthusiast.
HR Management / Administrator / Project Management / Community Support


Chief Compliance Officer

Got into crypto end 2016, passionate about everything that works binary.
Polyglot, developer, gaming and football fanatic.

Web Development / Bot Development / Business Development / Marketing


Blockchain Developer

C/C++ Software Engineer/Team leader/Architect, 10+ years of professional experience in IT, native app developer, blockchain enthusiast.


Blockchain Developer

Originally a mathematician and core C++ developer turned s/w architect, I've helped design and develop large scale trading tools, ticker plants (Reuters, FutureSource), Sports/Betting live feeds and server solutions (Las Vegas Casinos), but above all a hacker for what now seems forever. My passion is anything that moves, needs automating, web, desktop, h/w devices. I've entered the crypto world with blockchain theory, then the study of determinism and then hands on smart contracts as of early 2017. I'm an active EOS.IO (platform) developer and enthusiast from its early days, and everything Ethereum and smart contracts, Dapps related (incl. games). Decentralized is the word of the future, blockchain is the OS of the 21st century.
Senior s/w Developer and Architect, from Windows to Ubuntu, from desktop to server-side, from assemblers to blockchain.


Tom (Th82)

Chief Finance Officer

Has been a crypto-enthusiast since 2012 and has been Colossuscoin investor since 2013. He joined the Colossus Team in December 2013. (Cv2 days). Background experience as Technical Officer, System Administrator and Research Associate.
Fund Management / Strategic Partnerships / Marketing, Public Relations / Business Development

ColossusXT Cryptocurrency | Privacy Coin | Instant Transactions | Grid Computing


Senior DevOps & Cloud Consultant / Tech Lead

Has a background in various software engineering, technical lead and devops & cloud consultancy roles in multinational companies for the past 15 years.
Joined Colossus in 2018 to assist with technical operations & support, strategy and business development.
Has a passion for blockchain and spreading the Colossus Grid.


Community Admin

B.S. in Computer Science, 21 years IT experience.
Community Support / Technical Support / Technical Writer


Web Developer / Advisor

Studied computer science and working as a frontend developer Heat007 is in fire with Crypto and blockchain technology since 2014. He supported CV2 as assistant developer, public relations manager and global moderator and he is mostly working as web developer and advisor whereas supporting the team in different areas.
Web Development / Assistant Developer / Business Development / Advisor



Started in Crypto in 2017 and soon after found COLX. Getting involved in the community I realized there was a lot of affection for the project. Seeing a lot of potential in it I have been advising on many matters since that time.
Background in Computer Forensics and Cyber Security / Public Relations / Open Source Ninja

ColossusXT Cryptocurrency | Privacy Coin | Instant Transactions | Grid Computing

Nate Murphy

Digital Video Production Specialist

MA Information Experience Design. 12 years experience in communication design for clients such as Citi. Currently working as a blockchain systems designer for clients like the World Bank. In crypto since 2011, joined Colx in Autumn 2017.



The community is our largest team member. Without the support of the community this project wouldnt be possible.



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